Thursday, February 4, 2010

Medgar Evers Musuem

Medgar Evers was a signifinant man who is known for being a civil rights leader in Jackson, MS. His house which is the musuem is in Jackson. It is too not far from my house at all. I went to the musuem before. I was amazed by the historical information. The spot he was shot at still has the bullet holes through the wall. The feeling is mindblowing also. I encourage everyone if you ever come to Jackson stop by the musuem. it is at 2332 Margaret Walker Alexander Drive. I had a phenomenal time and learn a ton.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

McCain Special Collections

I went to the McCain library for my culture event project. I founded out the website and became appealed to the numberous information. I saw the Civil Rights page and immediately thought of Malcolm X. I want to be a motivational speaker and he is one of my favorite speakers of all time that is why I am going to do a paper on him for this class.